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Standard Version

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Free Reflective platform so you can take jewelry photos or other product photos with reflection, as seen in catalogs, magazines, jewelry store ads, etc

  • One Full Year Warranty

  • 30 Days Exchange or Refund Policy

  • All in One Photo Studio Box - Comes with all accessories for taking professional jewelry photos or product photography; for use on brochures, catalogs, advertising, online auctions, websites, etc..  

  • Comes with all light bulbs, power adaptor, power cord, camera support rack, color background fabrics, plug-and-use Color LED lights, semi-reflective platforms (for taking jewelry or product photos with dramatic reflections). Everything is included!  Within minutes from receiving our Photo Studio Box, you are ready to take professional product photos or jewelry photography .  

  • The Original Affordable, High Quality Professional Photo Studio in a Box

  • Ideal for taking professional product or jewelry photographs; to be used in catalogs, e-commerce websites, online auctions, brochures, print advertising, etc

         Custom Photo Jewelry

comes with a black semi-reflective platform, to create a semi-reflective shadow effect.  As seen in high quality brochures, catalogs, magazine advertising, jewelry websites, etc.  This semi-reflective platform fits nicely inside the Photo Studio Box, ideal for taking dramatic high quality "romantic" jewelry photographs...


The Table Top Photo Studio Lighting Box 
Standard version

The Standard Version is feature packed and is compact in size.  It's All-in-One "plug and play" feature allows taking product photos easily.  Comes with all the standard features:

  • "Plug and play" - no assembly required.  
  • Simply plug in the included power cord, and turn on the different sets of lighting switches, to control the lighting effect and intensity you desired.  That's all.  No messy adjustment required.  Easy and simple to use.
  • 4 LED lights included (assorted color light bulbs are also included). These unique "snake-shaped" LED lights can be plugged in to the top socket directly, and can be easily removed. So you can have any numbers of LED lights with different color, to create many different kinds of special lighting effect. From halo, spot light, soft, mysterious, bright... making your product photo stand out from the crowd. Moreover, they are flexible and bendable, and can be adjusted to any angle. You can adjust any numbers of the LED lights to shine on the product (for example, diamond ring, gold coins, etc), to create that special lighting effect just right for your products.
  • To use any of these LED lights, simply plug it into the sockets which are already build in onto the interior ceiling of the studio box.  To remove it, simply unplug it.  You can plug in any numbers of the provided 4 LED lights, to control the exact lighting intensity or color lightings best suit for your product photography session.
  • Each of these LED lights can be bended and adjusted to any angle.  You can adjust the angle so that all LED lights shine onto the product, result in a bright shadow free product photography.  Or, you can adjust a few to create a "halo" effect.  The choice is yours, so you can create a combination of special lighting effects best suit to your desired product photography session.
  • 2 upper handles allowing it to be carried most everywhere. So whether you want to take it to a jewelry store for jewelry photography, or place it on your table top, or anywhere, the choice is yours. Totally portable.
  • 4 true white color 5000 K Temperature flood lights panels are build in on the interior ceiling and front.  Allowing product photography true to its original color.  Ideal for jewelry, diamond, gem stone photos.  You can also turn off a set of these flood lights to achieve a "shadow" effect when needed.  Versatile and practical.
  • No more adjusting different tripods, lighting stands, running electrical wires all over the place.... Everything is included in our All-in-One Portable Photo Studio Box.  One power cord (included) will power all lighting panel and LED lights of the Photo Studio Box; no more running electrical wires all over the place.
  • The build in IC circuit will "remember" your previous lighting setting.  So the next time you use the Photo Studio Box, simply turn ON the power and the same lighting setting as set previously will be there.  No need to adjust the setting again and again.  Of course, you can change to different lighting settings if you wish, the choice is yours.  Allowing maximum versatility and flexibility to create the most ideal lighting for your product photo sessions.


  • Universal AC adaptor, fit all North America, Europe, Asia and any countries' voltage.

  • Real oak wood construction, with multi layers of PU coating (polyurethane); resulting in a piano like elegant smooth finishing, which is also minor scratch and moisture resistance.

  • Size (width x height x depth): 
    Exterior : 11.8 inches x 11.8 inches x 11.8 inches
    (or, 300 x 300 x 300 mm) 
    Interior: 10.3 x 8.8 x 9 inches 

  • Weight:  11 lb

  • extra light bulb included;

  • Soft Rubber stand underneath, so you can place it on the table, or anywhere surface without causing scratches.

  • Front door can be removed to allow taking photos of larger objects.  

  • To better control lighting, and to minimize outside light distortion, you can keep the front door on the unit, and remove the center smaller window when taking photos.  Thus allowing you to take product photos that are best suited with minimal outside light distortion.  For example, when taking color accurate diamond, gold rings, or other product photos whereas outside light would distort the color balancing or causing undesired effect to the photos.

  • For taking photos from the top, simply remove the top center small window.  Then secure your camera onto the top-mounted camera stand (included).  Place it on the top of the Photo Studio Box.  Adjust zooming of your camera and take the photo of the product below.  Using this top mount photo method, you can also reduce the distortion from outside light.

  • Two build in flood light panels on the inside of the front lid, and two build in flood light panels on the inside top.  Allowing a shadow-free product photo session.

  • No assembly needed.  "Plug-and-Play" easy operation.  Within minutes, you can begin taking professional product photographs.

  • No more messy and time consuming set up as with other photo lighting studio system.  With All-in-One easy to use professional Photo Studio Lighting Box, all you need to do is flip a few lighting switches on the front, then you are all set for your professional product photography session.  Quick and simple and easy to use.

  • Even comes with various color of exchangeable seamless background fabric.  So you can have different color seamless background for your product photos.  

  • comes with a black semi-reflective platform, to create a semi-reflective shadow effect.   

The following are all included in the
Photo Studio Box Lighting Box system:

  • 1 Photo studio box made of real wood, with multi layers of lacquer which resists scratch and moisture;
  • 5 assorted color seamless background fabric, so you can create photos with seamless background. You can easily remove the background fabric, and replaced with different color background to create special color background effect. 
  • 4 flexible and bendable LED spot lights; which can easily be inserted or removed from the ceiling, and can be adjusted to any angle so you can control the lighting to be shone onto the product.   Allowing a combination of special lighting effects and lighting intensity; ideal to create that special lighting ambience ( such as creating a romantic or mysterious ambience, as seen in magazines); 
  • 1 front lid, with build in 2 panels of white panel lightings; and a center removable "window" for taking photos from the front;
  • Only one power cord (included) is needed to power the whole system.  The included universal AC power cord has a build in Universal Voltage adjuster, which adjust automatically to any voltage from 110 volt to 240 volt.  So you can use it anywhere in the world, from USA to Europe to Asia.
  • Universal L-shape camera mounting rack, for mounting your camera on the top.  For taking photos from the top.
  • Front lid's center "removable window" can be removed from the front lid for taking photo from the front. 
  • Top lid's center "removable window" can be removed, allowing taking photo from the top.


 With a simple flip of a set of front switches on the Portable Photo Studio Box, you can create a combination of
Lighting effects; from Natural Lighting to various colorful fancy special lighting as per below.

Below are examples of how product photos can be taken, either from the front or from the top.

  Front Photo Session
Photo Studio in  a Box 

Photo taken from the front with the mid front window removed - for a better controlled lighting and to reduce external glare and reflections.

 Front product Photo

 jewelry photo & photography jewelry

Photo taken from the front with the front door completely removed - for a full product photography & for larger products

 Photo taken from top

Jewelry Photography tips

Photo taken from the top with the mid top window removed  (a camera top-mount stand is included - so you can mount your camera to take hand free photos from the top) 

  Front photo session 

Photo Studio Box, table top photo studio

Photo taken from the front with the front door removed - show here is using a red seamless background - which can easily be changed (5 different seamless background fabric is included) 


Standard Version

Sale Price: $369

Regular price: $490
We Ship within USA only



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