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Portable Photo Studio Box 
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"The most advanced, & most feature packed
 ALL-IN-ONE photo lighting studio box"

For jewelry, watches or other professional product photography

Photo lighting kit in a box for digital photograph Take professional high quality, highly detailed photography of jewelry, watches, gem stones, coins, mints, collectibles...

Mini portable photo lighting system "..Yet So Simple to use...with just one flip of a switch, your can create your favorite natural or special lighting effects..."

Photo lighting studio box system for digital photography Take high quality product photos for magazines, websites, brochures, catalogs, ebay, newspaper, advertising...


Photo Studio Lighting Box

Standard Version

11.8" x 11.8" x 11.8"
Standard 4 LED special effect lightings... More Details

Sale Price: $369

Regular price: $490

Pro Version

15.7" x 15.7" x 15.7"
Extra 13 LED special effect lightings... More Details

Sale Price: $409
Regular price: $535

 "..Setting the standard in Portable Photo Studio Lighting System..." 

This deluxe wooden all-in-one portable photo studio box, equipped with sophisticated build-in lighting system, is specifically designed and engineered for professional and amateur photographers to take high quality product photos quickly and easily.

Take professional distortion-free product photos of jewelry, watches, coins, gem stones, collectibles, electronic products, toys, dolls, and other small to medium size items; to be published on websites, magazines, newspaper, catalogs, brochures, auction listings, flyers, packaging, instruction manuals, etc.

By simply flipping a few front switches, you can create an ideal lighting environment for your product photography session.  No assembly needed.  Start taking professional high quality product photos within minutes.  No messy set up of lighting tripods, no running electrical wires all over the places, no need to adjust different lighting tripods at different angles or heights, no need to purchase various lighting equipments.  Everything is included!

The build-in 5000k lights will provide a natural lighting crucial for jewelry photos, while eliminating any "hot-spots" effect created by using camera flash lights.  You don't need to use a flash light with our advanced portable photo studio box.  The lighting options included in this sophisticated studio box will provide you a variety of options of selecting the ideal lighting effect:

  • Build in 5,000 k color temperature natural daylight floodlights; ideal for jewelry, gem stones, diamond, gold, and other jewelry items.  
  • Special colored lighting options including red, blue and green LED spot lights - perfect for creating that special fancy ambience and effects, as seen in magazine or TV advertising.
  • Shadowless true white color lighting.
  • Easily create special lighting effect such as halo, spot light effect, shadow effect, background glow...

A simple, easy, and quick way to take professional product photos anywhere, anytime !

See Below for more Features


No assembly needed.  Plug in and you are ready to take professional product photos. All lighting effects can be set by simply flipping a set of front switches.
Electronic IC memory circuit will memorize your settings, so you don't have to reset it everytime.
All lightings are build-in and included. Take professional product photos in a snap.
Most affordable full function full feature professional photo studio lighting box 
Select natural lighting for jewelry photos; or special lighting effect likes halo, color shadow, etc with a simple flip of a front switch..
Come with 5 different color background : white, blue, red, green, yellow. Provide a seamless background for professional look photos.
take photo from the top or from the front, simply remove the lid or the center cover.
Make of real wood, coated with multi layers of polyurethane, resist scratch and moisture..

Portable all inclusive photo studio box, so you can take on-site photos or bring it to most everywhere. 

Full Feature List  Mini portable photo lighting system

"..your photo studio box saves us lots of time & allows us to take real appealing jewelry photos for our store easily.."  Andrew L. (Owner, Bright Jewelry)

"..this is a real pro product. Taking professional merchandise photo for our clients is a real snap...simple and quick, and looks great!.." J. Nakayama (commercial photographer)

 With a simple flip of a set of front switches on our Portable Photo Studio Box, you can create a combination of
Lighting effects; from Natural Lighting to various colorful fancy special lighting as per below.

Above photos are actual photos taken using our Portable Photo Studio Box.
  NO photo editing software has been used.  
Take natural lighting photo, or, take special effect lighting photos like the above with just
a flip of a set of front switches.  No need to mess around with setting up tripods, adjust lighting lamps, or 
 run electrical cords all over the place.  Everything is build in.  Within minutes, you are ready to
take professional product photos, with natural lighting or special effect lighting, easily and painlessly !

Below are examples of how product photos can be taken, either from the front or from the top.
With a flip of the front lighting control switches, you can create a various combination of stunning professional 
photo lighting effect.  Turn ordinary product photo into stunning appealing product photographic art !

  Front Photo Session
Photo Studio in  a Box 

Photo taken from the front with the mid front window removed - for a better controlled lighting and to reduce external glare and reflections.

 Front product Photo

 jewelry photo & photography jewelry

Photo taken from the front with the front door completely removed - for a full product photography & for larger products

 Photo taken from top

Jewelry Photography tips

Photo taken from the top with the mid top window removed  (a camera top-mount stand is included - so you can mount your camera to take hand free photos from the top) 

  Front photo session 

Photo Studio Box, table top photo studio

Photo taken from the front with the front door removed - show here is using a red seamless background - which can easily be changed (5 different seamless background fabric is included) 


Comes with 2 sizes:

standard version (11.8" x 11.8" x 11.8")

    Standard version

  • Smaller in size (11.8" x 11.8" x 11.8")
  • comes with 6 LED flexible and bendable lightings (4 white color, 1 red, and 1 green LED lightings)
  • Other functions same as the Pro Version


Pro version (15.7" x 15.7" x 15.7")

  Pro version

  • Larger in size (15.7 inches x 15.7 inches x 15.7 inches)
    Allow taking photos for larger size products 
  • comes with 13 LED flexible and bendable lightings (10 white, 1 blue, 1 green and 1 red LED lightings)
  • Allow more lighting effects than the Standard version
  • Other functions same as the Standard version

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